Influenced by both my grandmother and mother's love for nature and gardening my passion for flowers began at an early age. I can remember planting morning glory seeds with my mom and being enthralled by the beautiful heavenly blue blooms later in the season. My grandmothers ability to have even the most pathetic plant or seedling flourish under her care was amazing and inspiring.

Later in life I had the opportunity to work in a flower shop. From there it was history. Although I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design I have never stopped working with flowers. I have over 30 years floral design experience with an emphasis on weddings. I enjoy the creative aspect of weddings and the challenge of bringing a brides vision to fruition.


The Farm

Situated in beautiful Knowlton Township, Bonnie Hill Farm was established in 2004 by Barb and Mike Connolly.

Focusing mainly on cut flowers and ornamentals, the farm grows a little more each year. The flowers are grown exclusively for use in weddings and events, ensuring premium blooms of excellent quality.

The farm got its name in memory of our beloved yorkie, Bonnie. Her favorite pastime was sitting on the hill overlooking the garden and chasing all the critters out. She even chased a few groundhogs up trees! The farm is currently kept critter free with the help of our recent yorkie, Merlin.

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